How to Use MSM Bulk Flakes & Capsules

152354841-hangover-effervescent-tablet-headache-water-glass.jpgMSM Bulk Flake & Capsules dosage is very simple.

  1. Start out with 5000 mg per day, or one scoop, for about 5 days.
  2. Each scoop of 5000 mg needs to be mixed into 16 ounces of water or juice. At this level it is almost tasteless.
  3. On day 6, go to 2 scoops, or 10,000 mgs. Continue until day 14.
  4. On day 14, assess how you feel. If you feel good, stay at this level. However, if you do not feel a decrease in joint aches and pains, then increase your dosage by 1 more scoop per day for 5 more days. Then evaluate the way you feel again. Every 5 days, increase your dosage until you feel good.

TESTIMONIAL: Tennis Hall of Famer Raphael Osuna

024010.jpg“I am the only Mexican to date to be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, in 1979. I was introduced to Rich through Ken Matsuda, as he was my trainer. Ken started me on the MSM Health Solutions Products in January 2005. I have since introduced the products into Mexico. These are truly great products and very pure. They are made in the USA. I can’t and won’t stop using them!”

– Raphael Osuna
1963 Wimbledon Doubles Champion
Former World #1 Tennis Player

How is MSM Manufactured?

09022010-1 002.jpg
MSM Health Solutions, Inc.’s manufacturing plant in Anderson, California

“MSM occurs naturally in many common foods such as tomatoes and milk. However, its concentrations are so small that it is not feasible to commercially “extract it from nature.” Commercial MSM of high purity is chemically identical to that found in nature.

All MSM is manufactured using a chemical synthesis process of reacting two raw materials, dimethyl sulfoxide and hydrogen peroxide. This reaction forms a new molecule: MSM or dimethyl sulfone. After reaction, a purification process is needed to remove any impurities from the MSM. Two commonly accepted purification processes used in most chemical and food processing plants are distillation and crystallization.

Distillation is the favored process for producing high purity MSM, where heat is used to separate compounds by their unique boiling points. MSM has a boiling point of 478ºF. The distillation of MSM results in a very pure product. Conversely, purification by crystallization can be adversely affected by the use of impure solvents, potentially leaving undesirable or toxic by-products.

If MSM is not manufactured properly, or is produced in a facility that makes multiple products with improper sanitation procedures, contamination is likely. There may also be a chance that impurities (such as heavy metals or chlorinated hydrocarbons) from the water used in the synthesis and crystallization process will remain in the final product.

Other factors that determine the purity of synthesized MSM is consistent product formulation and strict process control procedures. A good MSM manufacturer uses in-process control and rigorous product testing to ensure the product is indeed pure.

The nutrition industry has established standards for testing MSM material so that all manufacturers use the same types of procedures and instruments for testing. These standards are developed by AOAC International, an independent, NIH-sponsored, FDA-endorsed international community of analytical chemists. Industry guidelines recommend that raw material and finished products manufacturers use these accepted methods to ensure consistent quality. These methods establish “a gold standard” by which all products can be uniformly measured.”

– From by our branding partner Bergstrom Nutrition

MSM Health Solution’s propietary four-stage distillation process uses heat to separate impurities and by products of manufacturing based on their unique boiling points. MSM’s boiling point of 478 degrees Fahrenheit allows pure MSM to be isolated from solution. In addition to being a very pure product, distilled OptiMSM has a low moisture content, which reduces the risk of microbial contamination and product degradation.


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How Does MSM Work?


The exact mechanisms of how MSM works are still being identified in ongoing scientific research. However, scientific studies have now confirmed that MSM is a safe and effective anti-inflammatory agent. It may also contribute to the integrity of joint cartilage and other connective tissue.

In recent animal research conducted in Japan, MSM was found to act as an immunomodulator, preventing the immune system from mounting dangerous autoimmune responses to noxious stimuli. See study. It also prevented local inflammation to a significant enough degree as to halt an autoimmune reaction at the genetic stage of induction. It appears to affect autoimmune responses, such as the immune system’s development of antibodies against its own tissues.

MSM has been shown to inhibit the development of abnormal antibodies to collagen, and to prevent production of rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibodies (ANA).

Though the pain relieving properties of MSM are well known, mechanisms by which it accomplishes this are still under investigation. MSM most likely inhibits inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotrienes, hormone-like substances that create inflammatory cascades in the body associated with pain production.
MSM’s effects on connective tissue are also well known. It is presumed, though not proven, that the beneficial clinical effects noted in humans on skin, hair, nails, and joint cartilage (as well as on hooves and coats in animals) has to do with MSM’s sulfur content. Sulfur is abundant in connective tissue, and sulfur depletion in connective tissue is known to lead to problems. Because MSM is 34% sulfur, it is likely that the integrity of connective tissue is enhanced with MSM supplementation.

MSM’s benefits are those of a dietary supplement. It should not be used to treat serious diseases unless under the supervision of a medical doctor.

From by our branding partner, Bergstrom Nutrition


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Testimonial: Victoria S. Heals Her Dry Skin

skin_health_page_graphic_5.jpgI have wanted to get this to you for some time now. I’ve fought with dry skin my entire life, including seeing the dermatologist for relief of my dry cracked feet and hands that were so painful. I’ve tried multiple products over the years and not one of them delivered…. until I tried your MSM Face, Neck and Body Lotion. I am 72 years old, skin care in the elderly has always been a medical concern requiring much attention.. I am thrilled to tell you, I no longer have this concern and my skin has never looked or felt better. My family is amazed!

My husband is a diabetic and is now using this product also. Skin care in diabetics is crucial in the prevention of infections, which can lead to amputations.

Thank you for this and all of your products. We have not been disappointed in the last five years of using your products.


Victoria S.


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